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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here is an overview of the most frequently asked questions about the Gornergrat Railway and its services.


1. Can I reserve seats?

No, a seat reservation is not possible but with the so called "Priority Boarding" you have the possibility to get a preferential boarding. Tickets for this exclusive access - before the usual entrance - can be bought online for every train for a fee of CHF 5.- or 10.- per person: Buy here

2. Is my ticket valid for a specific departure only?

No, your ticket is valid for whichever train you choose to take on the date specified.

3. What discount will I receive if I have a GA travel card or a half-fare travel card?

Holders of a GA/half-fare pass will receive a 50% discount on the normal ticket price.

4. What discount will I receive with a Swiss Travel Pass?

Holders of a Swiss Travel Pass will receive a 50% discount on the normal ticket price.

5. May I get off and on again during my journey?

Yes. You may use your ticket to get off at every way station and then get on again later and continue your journey. However, each section may only be travelled once.

6. How long is a return ticket valid?

Return tickets are valid for 10 days.

7. Can I travel up the Gornergrat in a wheelchair?

Yes. Every train has a low-floor car that enables you to board easily in a wheelchair.

8. Is there a restaurant on the Gornergrat?

Yes. There is a self-service restaurant that is open year-round and a full-service restaurant that is open during the regular season. gornergrat-kulm.ch

9. Is there a minimum age or an age limit for travelling up the Gornergrat due to the high altitude at the top?

No. Every visitor is personally responsible for ensuring that they are sufficiently acclimatised to the altitude. For the newborns: Please check travelling options with a doctor.

10. Is there free Wifi?

Yes there is. We provide free Wifi in Gornergrat Bahn stations and on board of the trains as well. We look forward to your pictures on Instagram & Co. 

11. Is it allowed to fly drones on the Gornergrat?

For safety reasons, it is prohibited to deploy drones in the vicinity of the stations, transport facilities and the slopes. Notwithstanding the above, the privacy of all individuals in Gornergrat Bahn's sphere of activity must be respected. Without formal authorization from Gornergrat Bahn (railcenter@gornergrat.ch), it is not permitted to fly drones within 100 metres of a gathering of people or any of the areas specified above.