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Lost Property Service

If you lose something on the train or at the station, we may find it – or some honest citizen may hand it in. You can report the loss via the Internet, by telephone or at any ticket office.

Reporting a loss

Reporting a loss via the Internet costs you nothing. Reporting it to the Rail Service on 0900 300 300 costs only the call charge (CHF 1.19/min. from the Swiss fixed-line network). Reporting it at a ticket office costs you CHF 15.00.

Reclaim fee

With a GA travelcard CHF 5.00 per item
With a Half-Fare travelcard CHF 10.00 per item
With an annual point-to-point season ticket or regional travel system pass CHF 10.00 per item
With none of the above CHF 20.00 per item
Despatch to an address outside Switzerland CHF 30.00 per item plus shipping costs

easyfind: brings back lost items fast.

easyfind on the SwissPass – activate now.

The easyfind service is now available to you as a SwissPass user. This means that the versatile card is now also a smart form of loss protection. By activating the service you will benefit from easyfind for one year for free: In the event of loss, your wallet and other personal valuables will quickly find their way back to you, since the Gornergrat Bahn, its partners and over 900 lost and found offices can contact you directly if your item is found.