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Earth Plastic View - Making the incomprehensible visible

7 billion tons of plastic - these are the estimates of scientists about the worldwide plastic stock. The artist Branko Smon visualizes this unimaginable quantity in summer 2019 with installations around the Gornergrat.

On the Gornergrat and at Rotenboden there is a viewing frame which makes the plastic volume of 14 cubic kilometres tangible. The installations are set up at vantage points where the silhouette of the Matterhorn massif is visible in the frame. Thus giving an approximate idea of worldwide plastic consumption. If this is still difficult to imagine, the 'Plastic Cubes' - 1.9 cubic metres and filled with everyday objects - on the Gornergrat, Rotenboden and Riffelberg offer the average plastic consumption per person.

App for plastic consumption
Branko Smon, worldwide ambassador for plastic awareness, has developed the "Earth Plastic View" app especially for the project, which works at 7 viewpoints around Zermatt and the Gornergrat. In a playful way and through interactive functions, the app shows the expansion of the plastic volume and increases the awareness of the enormous amount of plastic we consume.
Further information about the project and the artist: earth-plastic-view.de