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Guided tours with the Gornergrat Guides

daily from 14.07. - 15.09.2018, only on demand

The Gornergrat – experience more with the Gornergrat Guides

Fascinating, exciting, surprising

You will be on the move for around 30-40 minutes with the Gornergrat Guides. They will divulge fascinating and interesting details about the local flora and fauna, as well as provide you with information about the mountains encircling the Gornergrat. The Gornergrat Guides are not only a repository of innumerable facts, they are also very familiar with the stories associated with the region, like those by Mark Twain. They are well acquainted with historical events and will take you with them on a journey into the world of glaciers. In fact, for anything to do with the Matterhorn, make a beeline for the Gornergrat Guides. 

Guided tours are given in the languages DE, EN or FR. These tours are open to both individuals and groups of up to 12 people; advance booking is necessary.

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Gornergrat Guides powered by Mammut

The Gornergrat Guides are staying outside no matter what weather it is. That's why they need to properly dressed. Their equipment is provided by Mammut.

Price CHF 50.00 per group (1 - max. 12 persons)

For individual travellers and groups of max. 12 people

Guided tours can be held in the languages: DE, EN, FR

Bookable until the day before the guided tour (24h before) at the Rail Center Gornergrat Bahn.


Tel. +41 (0)848 642 442

E-Mail railcentergornergrat.ch

Gornergrat Guides