Gornergrat Bahn - Matterhorn
Aussichtsplattform Kulmotel Gornergrat


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360° Loop Gornergrat hike

Walking on the Gornergrat

After enjoying the wonderful views from the Gornergrat train you reach Gornergrat itself where a fantastic mountain panorama greets you.  The views from up there are absolutely breath-taking!

So that you can enjoy every aspect of the  amazing panorama we have created the 360° Loop.  It’s a 15 to 20 minute gentle walk giving people the very best views in all directions.  See the Monte Rosa massif and Switzerland’s highest peak - the Dufourspitze.  The Gorner Glacier lies below and is the second largest glacier in Switzerland, while all around you are 29, four-thousand metre high peaks, one of which is the Matterhorn.  You might even be lucky enough to observe some ibex while they observe you from a rocky mountain slope.

The Loop path is easy to reach: it starts and ends at the viewing platform on Gornergrat, which lies behind the 3100 Kulm Hotel. The Loop path is opened during the summer months. 

Information about the Loop 360°

Difficulty Easy
Duration 15 to 20 minutes
Lowest point 3,112 metres
Highest point 3,130 metres

Some tips for safe walks:

Plan your hike carefully and adjust your clothing according to the weather conditions and season.  We recommend good shoes for the Loop and trekking sticks as required.  Mountain weather can change very abruptly and so good rain gear is a must to have with you.  In bright sunshine we advise our visitors to wear a sunhat or cap to cover their heads and to use sun cream generously.  Please never leave the designated walking paths and respect other hikers as well as animals and plants.  Wild animals should never be fed.