Gornergrat Bahn - Matterhorn
Paar auf Rotenboden beim Picknick


Hiking on the Gornergrat

Experience Switzerlands' pristine nature and Alpine world while following a wide variety of hiking trails.

The wide variety of hiking trails around the Gornergrat offers something to suit everyone. The region’s 29 mountains soaring over 4000 metres in height and an extensive network of hiking trails are sure to thrill the hearts of all hiking enthusiasts. While hiking, you are always accompanied by majestic mountain peaks, enchanting Alpine roses and delightful ibex.

Hiking ticket from CHF 34.80

The Hiking Ticket is the perfect accompaniment for your hiking trip to Gornergrat.  It includes different stages of the trip with the Gornergrat railway.

    • Trip up from Zermatt – Gornergrat
    • Trip down  from Riffelberg - Zermatt

Do the part from Gornergrat  to the Riffelsee lake on foot.  The Hiking Ticket can be purchased from Zermatt or Täsch and is valid for 10 days. 


Hiking ticket from Zermatt

Hiking Ticket from Täsch

Hike inexpensively and flexibly with the Hiking Ticket

Having a Hiking Ticket will give you the necessary flexibility for your hiking trip on the Gornergrat.  It includes two stages of the route for the two-way trips for Zermatt-Gornergrat and also for Riffelberg-Zermatt.  The stage from Gornergrat to Riffelberg you do on foot.

You can also do the hike the opposite way around and use the trips with the Gornergrat railway in the other direction.

Hiking ticket prices

If you have the Hiking Ticket you save 20% on the normal price for both of the two stages.

From Täsch:

September / October: CHF 82.80 (without discount) / CHF 41.40 (with half fare Travelcard, GA Travelcard, etc.) 

From Zermatt: 

September / October: CHF 69.90 (without discount) / CHF 34.80 (with half fare Travelcard, GA Travelcard, etc.) 

360° Loop Gornergrat

Kleiner Spaziergang mit grossem Panorama

The 15-20 minute circular hike on the Gornergrat offers a magnificent panoramic view of the surrounding peaks. The start and end are at the viewing platform behind the 3100 Kulm Hotel. Look onto the Monte Rosa massif with the highest Swiss mountain, the Dufourspitze. Below you can spot the Gornergletscher, the second largest glacier in the Swiss Alps. With a bit of luck, you may also be able to observe ibex at close range.

Riffelseeweg: From Rotenboden to Riffelberg

The perfect photo spot

The hike leads to Riffelsee, which is within 15 minutes walking distance from Rotenboden station. At the idyllic mountain lake the Matterhorn is reflected in the mostly calm water and makes this place the perfect photo spot.

Swiss Topwalk

Panoramic ascent from Riffelalp to the Gornergrat

The 3-hour hike overcomes 900 metres of altitude along the route from Riffelalp to the Gornergrat. Along the entire trail, the Matterhorn always remains in the hiker's eye from various perspectives.

Sun Trail from the Gornergrat to the Riffelberg

Descent along the world-famous railway line

Those who want to stretch their legs a bit after the trip to the Gornergrat will find their luck in this scenic hike. Along the railway line, the easy, for hikers who are not free from giddiness, easy to master path leads down over 500 metres of depth to Riffelberg.

Path of silence

Off the beaten track at the Gornergrat

At the Gornergrat, you descend on paths that are rarely used in the direction of Gant. On the path of silence, you pass the upper and lower Kellensee lakes. In the Grünsee, the official end of the hike, bathing is possible. The way back is possible directly to Zermatt or via Riffelalp station.