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Wolli and the climate detectives on the Gornergrat

Who can solve the seven riddles relating to the missing glacier fleas? Download the app and get your map and binoculars at the Zermatt Tourism Office and start the adventure "Wolli and the climate detectives".

Even the journey on the Gornergrat Bahn is enigmatic. After an impressive visit to the viewing platform, the train returns to Rotenboden from where the 1½ walk to Riffelberg starts.

Wolli, the black-nosed sheep, and his friends, the squirrel, the Alpine chough, the rock cairn, the Matterhorn etc. will divulge 7 riddles. It all combines to even make the walk lots of fun for kids. Will the young climate detectives succeed in cracking the code to the treasure chest after their return to the village? The climate detectives can look forward to a surprise in the treasure chest. It's a case for the entire family. 

 How it works

1. The audio adventure can be listened to for free via the izi.TRAVEL app. (Instruction see download on the left)
If required, a binocular can be borrowed from Zermatt Tourism for a deposit of CHF 20.
2. Listen and discover: The hike takes approx. 120 minutes, the listening time is approx. 45 minutes.
3. Solve puzzles as you go and pick up the surprise at Zermatt Tourism. (The flyer is required for this)

The stations

1. Gornergratbahn
2. Gornergrat viewing platform
3. Rotenboden station
4. Between Rotenboden and Riffelsee
5. Lake Riffelsee
6. Between Riffelsee and Riffelberg (Gagenhaupt height)
7. Riffelberg station

Elevation profile

Route Rotenboden - Riffelberg
Length 3.2 km
Duration ~ 1.5 hours
Difference in elevation 232 metres (Rotenboden 2,815 metres elevation, Riffelberg 2,583 metres elevation)
Feature Extremely family friendly and a suitable walk for children
Cost Participation on the climate audio trail is, in principle, free. However every family member will require a train ticket for the Gornergrat Bahn. Children aged up to 6 years travel free and children with a Junior or Grandchild travelcard who are accompanied by a parent or grandparent can also board at no charge.
Audioguide The audio guide can be downloaded via Appstore or Playstore.

Climate Audio Trail Zermatt - Rotenboden - Monte Rosa Hut

For experienced hikers: 3-hour hike on the climate audio trail from Zermatt to the new Monte Rosa hut.

The Gornergrat Bahn and the Alpin Center Zermatt are presenting the Climate Audio Trail that leads from Zermatt to Rotenboden (2,815 metres a.s.l.), and then on to the Monte Rosa Hut (2,883 metres a.s.l.). During the course of the 3-hour walk, guests will be transported into a different age, a different climate and into different geographical surroundings by means of an audio guide containing 9 five-minute climate narratives. The audio guide is also recommended for excursions up onto the Gornergrat. This will allow guests to hear individual narratives during the trip up, on the viewing platform or at a quiet place along the trail. 

The audio guide (DE, EN, FR) can be downloaded as app via Appstore or Playstore, you'll find all the information on how to download and install the app here: Download audio guide. You can also download the story as a ZIP-file for your mobile phone.

The Climate Audio Trail is not the family hike "Wolli and the Climate Detectives". The 3-hour hike is suitable for experienced hikers.