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Gornergrat Railway litter bin – I’ve gone away for a while!

The litter bin earns a holiday too!

We remove rubbish bins on the Gornergrat Railway.
Some people will miss it but others will not. We are sending the Gornergrat Railway litter bin for a month’s holiday.

Why has the litter bin been removed from the Gornergrat Railway?
Firstly, this is a pilot project, and therefore the bins have only been taken away from a few of the trains. We are wondering whether litter bins are actually required during a journey that only lasts a maximum of 38 minutes. Furthermore, sorting refuse is extremely tedious for our cleaning specialists. A separated waste system at the station will remedy this. We will implement this if our pilot project proves to be successful.

Is it working?
We are trying this out now. Many international guests use our railway. Take Japan for example: people take their litter with them when they leave the train, they clean their seat after a long-haul flight, and even help clear up following a World Cup match. We find this impressive. 

And the best thing? This will create more leg room. 

Where should litter be put?
Refuse can be disposed of directly at Gornergrat, Riffelberg, Rotenboden, Riffelalp and Zermatt stations.

What do you think of our proposal?
We look forward to hearing your views. Send us an e-mail at: kommunikationmgbahn.ch