Gornergrat Bahn - Matterhorn
Riffelsee mit Blick aufs Matterhorn während dem Sonnenaufgang.


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Sunrise on Gornergrat

Every Thursday from 11.07. – 22.08.2019
Every Sunday from 07.07. - 25.07.2019*
Friday: 16.08.2019*

The offer

The moment when the sun touches the Matterhorn is incomparable. Ultraviolet and blue tones meld into golden and fiery-red colours until the Matterhorn is literally sunning itself in the sun. You should experience the sunrise on the Gornergrat at least once because it is simply indescribable otherwise.

Date Departure time
18.07.2019 05.15 am
21.07.2019 05.25 am
25.07.2019 05.25 am
01.08.2019 05.35 am
08.08.2019 05.40 am
15.08.2019 05.50 am
16.08.2019* 05.55 am
18.08.2019* 05.55 am
22.08.2019 06.00 am
01.09.2019 06.10 am
(Timetable subject to change)  
*If there are less than 30 participants, we reserve the right to cancel the trip 30 days in advance. Tip: Book early.  

Price CHF 99.00

Children 6-16 Jahre39.00
Children - 6 Jahrefree


No additional discounts such as Half-Price Pass, Swiss Travel Pass, Junior or Grandchild Card

Minimum number of participants: 30


Booking: Until 4.00 pm on the previous day by Gornergrat Bahn, Bahnhofplatz 7, CH-3900 Brig, Tel +41 (0)848 642 442, E-Mail railcentergornergrat.ch


Ticket for Sunrise

Riffelsee – the reflection of the Matterhorn’s soul

After taking the Gornergrat Railway to Rotenboden station, you will also see the Riffelsee awaking in the soft sunlight. With its calm and clear depths, it acts as a reflection of the Matterhorn’s soul. It is a panorama that is not only indescribable but also priceless. When are you ready to let it cast its spell over you?

Sunrise on the Gornergrat with traditional folk music and a breakfast buffet

Accompanied by the sound of traditional folk music, you can watch as the Gornergrat region wakes up and experience a panorama view of the Matterhorn that will not only stomachset your stomach a flutter but also get it thinking about food. 

You can assuage your hunger pangs at the subsequent breakfast buffet at the 3100 Kulmhotel Gornergrat where you can reminisce about your amazing sunrise experience before heading back down to Zermatt on the Gornergrat Railway.

If the required minimum number of 30 participants is not met, the trip will be cancelled, unfortunately, but you will be informed in good time by e-mail.

Traditional folk music

Date Group
10.07 / 11.07.2019 & 07.08 / 08.08.2019 Duo Sunnuschii
17.07 / 18.07.2019 & 21.08 / 22.08.2019 Z’Hansrüedi
24.07. / 25.07.2019 Grängjerbüebe
14.08. / 15.08.2019 Aletsch Goms
31.07. / 01.08.2019 Dorothee Steiner