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About Gornergrat

Did you know?

Why embark on an excursion to the Gornergrat?

    • Most stunning views of the world-renowned Matterhorn (4487 metres a.s.l.)
    • Highest open-air rack railway in Europe (3,089 metres a.s.l.)
    • First electrical rack railway in Switzerland since 1898, the second in the world 

How do I get to the Gornergrat?

    • Valley station only 50 metres from Zermatt station of the Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn 
    • Open 365 days a year
    • High-season trains every 24 minutes from 07.00 – 19.00 hrs
    • Reachable in only 33 minutes without transfers
    • Full seating with opening windows
    • Priority Boarding

Where is the Gornergrat / Zermatt?

    • The mighty Matterhorn with the year-round resort of Zermatt at its feet can be found in the heart of the Swiss Alps 
    • Every 30 minutes from Visp to Zermatt (66 minutes travel time) with the Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn 
    • Every 20 minutes from parking (car+bus) in Täsch to Zermatt (12 minutes travel time) with the Zermatt shuttle train

What will I do on the Gornergrat?

    • Marvel... experience ... enjoy….
    • Year-round viewing platform at 3131 metres above sea level. 
    • View of 29 four-thousand-metre peaks out of a total of 48 in Switzerland 
    • 3100 Kulmhotel Gornergrat, the highest Swiss Alps hotel, kiosk, self-service, dining restaurant
    • Europe's highest shopping mall (watches, knives, chocolate etc.)

Facts & Figures

General Information to Gornergrat Bahn

Route: Zermatt 1605 metres above sea level – Gornergrat 3089 metres a.s.l.
Route length: 9,339 km totally by cog wheel (Abt system) / dual track 3,790 km
Track gauge: Metre-gauge railway (1000 mm) / (standard-gauge railway 1435 mm)
Number of passengers (2018): 1,764,000; 994,000 summer, 770,000 winter
Stations and stops: 5 (Findelbach, Riffelalp, Riffelberg, Rotenboden, Gornergrat)
Number of bridges: 2: Getwing Bridge (24 m) and Findelbach Viaduct (93 m) Longest / highest bridge: Findelbach Viaduct (93 m) / 2 piers in height: 49.8 + 48.8 metres Tunnels & galleries: 5: Gsäss tunnel (40 m); Bränfluh tunnel (58 m); Kühlerbrunnen tunnel (19 m); Land tunnel (179 m); Riffelbord gallery (792 m)
Longest tunnel: Land tunnel (179 metres)
Longest gallery: Riffelbord
protection gallery: Rotenboden-Riffelberg (792 metres)
Steepest slope: 200 ‰ (on average 185 ‰)
Travel duration: 33 minutes
Speed: Uphill, maximum 30 km/h / Downhill, maximum 20-27 km/h.
Employees: 100 people
Rolling stock: 12 twin railcars, 4 single railcars, 2 rotary snow ploughs, 4 freight wagons (flat wagon, tank wagon, crane wagon, service train, supply train)
Transport capacity: Approx. 2400 people per hour in both directions
Electrification: 725 volt three-phase current, electrical traction since opening on 20.08.1898
Route sector openings: 20.08.1898 Zermatt – Gornergrat, Switzerland's first electric rack railway with a terminus at 3018 metres a.s.l.
1909 New terminus for the Gornergrat Bahn at 3089 metres a.s.l.
1910 Opening of the 3100 Kulmhotel Gornergrat
1929 Year-round operation of the Gornergrat Bahn
2001 Reopening of the Riffelalp tram to the Riffelalp resorts (Highest 2211 metres a.s.l. + shortest (675.31 m) tram route in Europe)