Gornergrat Bahn - Matterhorn


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Time Table Gornergrat Bahn

Timetable is valid until 13.10.2019; trains every 24 minutes

Towards Gornergrat

Stretch Zermatt - Gornergrat  
First train 7 am  
Last train 5.24 pm  

Towards Zermatt

Stretch Gornergrat - Zermatt  
First train 7.35 am  
Last train 6.18 pm  

Timetable November due to construction work

November 4th - 29th, every monday until friday

First train from Zermatt:
07.00 am

Last train from Zermatt:
11.12 am

First train from Gornergrat:
7.35 am

Last train from Gornergrat:
12.19 am

On Saturdays and Sundays trains are running on time.