Gornergrat Bahn - Matterhorn
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Snowshoe and winter hiking on the Gornergrat

Breathtaking, pristine and adventurous.

Whether alone or in a group, the snowshoe and winter hikes offered on the Gornergrat promise freedom, adventure and pristine nature.

When you go on a tour, you will also be doing something positive for your health – and be able to enjoy the breathtaking natural panorama of the Gornergrat at the same time.

The snowshoe trail from the Gornergrat to Rotenboden is challeng-ing as you cover a difference in altitude of 274 metres on the 1.7-km trail. From the Gornergrat, follow the trail on the left of the railway line toward Rotenboden. The snowshoe route is marked every 100 metres with pink-coloured stakes and is accessible without a mountain guide.
↔ 1.7 km | ↓ 274m |  ca. 1.0 h

Winter hiking on the Gornergrat


Gornergrat - Rotenboden
↔ 1.7 km | ↓ 274 m | ca. 30 min

Riffelalp - Winkelmatten
↔  4,1 km | ↓ 614 m | ca. 1.5 h

Rotenboden - Riffelsee - Riffelberg
↔ 2.5 km | ca. 50 min

↔ 5 km|ca. 90 min

Winter hiking: www.zermatt.ch/en/winter-hiking-snowshoeing/Winter-hiking-trails


Safety first The snowshoe trails are not groomed or monitored on a daily basis. They are not secured against natural dangers such as avalanches or falling rocks either. You may use the snowshoe routes on your own risk.

You can find tips for safe snowshoe hiking in the brochure from Globaltrail or online at: www.globaltrail.net.

For guided tours, please contact: Alpine Center, +41 (0)27 966 24 60