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Schlitten Fahrer vor dem Matterhorn


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Sledging fun on Gornergrat

Are you ready for the highest sledge run in the Alps?

Just to be a kid again!  Sit on your sledge, face down the slope and then let go, feel the wind in your face!

The sledge run Rotenboden-Riffelberg on Gornergrat is not only the Alps’ highest of its kind but also one of the most beautiful having a mountain panorama on all sides;  many four-thousanders including the Matterhorn preside over your runs and the Gornergrat Railway takes you from the finishing line to the start again roughly every 10 minutes.

The run is suitable for young and old and makes any family outing an exciting and action-packed day.  If you were lacking a little in confidence the first time down you can only get braver on the second, third or fourth run and by the fifth run you could do it with your eyes closed.  

Although sledging is great fun it certainly gives you an appetite, and makes you a little bit tired.  We suggest taking a break at the Riffelhaus 1853.  Try a hot chocolate, a snack or a complete lunch.  With the addition of those warming calories you can get back in the Gornergrat Railway and go up to the start at Rotenboden station again. 

And then it’s ready….steady….…go!…….Again!

Schlittenfahrt am Gornergrat/ Rotenboden

Sledding like you’ve never seen it before!

This is a ‘must’ for all winter sports enthusiasts.  From 19. December 2019 you can luge down on a Snooc, on the highest sled run in the Alps.  Get personally acquainted with the new technology.  Thanks to the Gornergrat railway you can comfortably travel to Rotenboden station and then have a breath-taking run down to Riffelberg station.  Snooc is the newest generation of sledding; it’s a lightly constructed product, easy to handle and will be an unforgettable experience for both young and old.  Thanks to having a ski on the snow it has an excellent grip and the seat provides a relaxed position.  Whether steep or flat, piste or powder snow, sunshine or fog the Snooc will take its rider safely to the end of the run. 

Like our classic sleds, the Snooc can also be rented at Rotenboden station.


Overview of sledging tickets and sledge hire

Day ticket from 08.48 am: Zermatt-Rotenboden-Zermatt* CHF
Adults 66.00
Reduction with half-price card or general season ticket (GA) 50.00
Children 9 – 16 years 34.00
Children up to 9 years free

*including. Rotenboden-Riffelberg unlimited trips 

Half-day card from 12.15 pm: Zermatt-Rotenboden-Zermatt* CHF
Adults 56.00
Reduction with half-price card or general season ticket (GA) 43.00
Children 9 – 16 years 29.00
Children up to 9 years free

*including. Rotenboden-Riffelberg unlimited trips

No sledge? No problem!

Spontaneous decision to go sledging?  Or you don’t fancy dragging your sledge all the way from home?  We have a solution for these problems: at Rotenboden station you can hire a comfortable Ghosky Sledge  and there are sledges fitted out with children’s seats so that the kids can safely go down with their parents.

The fees are shown in the following table:

Ghoski Schlitten mit Kindersitz

Sledge hire (Per 8 rentals - 1 free rental)

Sledge hire at Rotenboden station CHF
1 day from 8.00 am 15.00
½ day up to / from 12.15 pm 10.00

Safety first!

Sledging should be fun for everyone and so there are one or two simple rules to follow:

  • Show consideration to other people
    and make sure your actions do not cause harm or danger to other sledgers.

  • Adapt your speed according to your abilities.
    Adapt your speed and way of sledging to your ability according to the ground, the snow conditions or weather, as well as the number of other sledgers on the run.   Do not tie your sledges or luges together when using the run.  Do not go down head first.

  • Respect the tracks chosen by other users
    Choose your way down so you don’t endanger other people on their way down.

  • Overtake with a wide margin
    You can overtake others on the left or the right but when you do overtake be careful that you don’t restrict other users’ space.

  • When you start or rejoin the run make sure to look up the hill before you go.
    Make sure that when you enter the run that you are not in anyone’s way, or endangering anyone else when you start off.
  • Always stop at the sides of the run
    Whenever possible avoid stopping unnecessarily or stopping at a blind spot.  Should you take a tumble move out of the way as fast as possible so that other users are not in danger of running into you. 

  • Get on and off at the sides of the run
    Use the perimeter of the run if you need to get on or off your sledge or luge.

  • Note signalisation
    Pay attention to any markings or signage on the run

  • Offering assistance
    Should you come across an accident on the slope or be involved in one you must immediately offer assistance.

  • Personal information
    At the scene of an accident you are required to provide personal information, whether you are a witness or involved, responsible or not for the accident.

The 10 Codes of Conduct for sledging and lugeing, supplied by the Bureau of Advice for the Prevention of Accidents (BFU) 

Tips for sledging

For safety when sledging or lugeing your clothing and equipment are extremely important.  Here are a few tips so that you can be best prepared for a great – and safe – day on your sledge: 

  • Have a good sledge (hire at Rotenboden station possible)
  • Wear warm clothing with gloves and a hat
  • Wear warm, water-proof shoes or boots with a good sole
  • A helmet and sunglasses/goggles are highly recommended

And then of course – doing it properly!

Schlitteln am Gornergrat