Gornergrat Bahn - Matterhorn


Biking tours on the Gornergrat

Perfect for laidback mountain bike tours or ambitious downhill biking.

You may not be able to climb the Matterhorn on a mountainbike, but there is a wide variety of biking tours available around the Gornergrat region − from steep and challenging trails to easy, laidback biking tours.

Take the Gornergrat Railway to a biking paradise

Buy a ticket, get on your bike and enjoy the biking tour. Book your superlative biking experience on the Gornergrat now:


Biycle All-Day ticket (incl. bicycle transport)

  Prices (CHF)
Adults 94.00
With Half-Fare/GA travel cards 47.00
Children under 16 47.00
Children under 6/under 16 with the Junior Card gratis

Bicycle Transport ticket (single ride)

  Prices (CHF)
Adults 8.00
With Half-Fare/GA travel cards 8.00
Children under 16 8.00
Children under 6/under 16 with the Junior Card* 8.00

Bicycle Transport ticket (all-day ticket)

  Prices (CHF)
Adults 12.00
With Half-Fare/GA travel cards 12.00
Children under 16 12.00
Children under 6/under 16 with the Junior Card* 12.00

*Free when one adult purchases a bicycle transport ticket