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My Matterhorn Movie / Selfie - How does that work?

    • Buy your ticket and enjoy the journey. On the top you can take a selfie with the Matterhorn at the Photopoint Gornergrat.
    • Keep your ticket. As soon as your trip is done, you can fill in the form below (Gornergrat Ticket or SwissPass)
    • Please confirm your verification e-mail.
    • You will receive a 2nd e-mail with your movie and your optional selfie. You can share your movie with #mymatterhorn on Social Media.

The Gornergrat Railway – My Matterhorn Movie

Your train journey - Your Adventure - Your moment for a lifetime

My Matterhorn Movie & Selfie - Wie funktioniert's?

Erhalten Sie Ihren Matterhorn Movie in 3 einfachen Schritten:

    • Bewahren Sie Ihr Ticket bis nach der Reise auf und füllen Sie dann untenstehende Daten (Ticket oder SwissPass) aus.
    • Bitte bestätigen Sie Ihre Verifzierungsmail.
    • Sie erhalten eine zweite E-Mail mit Ihrem Film und optional Ihrem Selfie. Wir freuen uns übers Weiterverbreiten in den sozialen Medien mit #mymatterhorn

My Matterhorn Movie

To see the best of the alpine worlds, it is soon clear that you can’t do that without having been up to the Gornergrat. Even the trip up to the top is an experience in itself. You have to have seen the impressive waterfall, the dense pine forests and the colourful flowering meadows, heightened by the very best view of the mighty Matterhorn.  When you get to the top, a sunny terrace awaits you at 3,131 m above sea level.  In more ways than one, the Gornergrat is a top alpine excursion destination.  The surrounding 29 four-thousand metre peaks, including Switzerland’s highest mountain and the Alp’s third longest glacier, make a mountain panorama equal to none.  We pack the 37-minute trip up into a short film so that you can enjoy all these wonderful impressions over and over, or share them directly with the folks back home.

Purchase your ticket online, at the Gornergrat railway ticket counter or upload your ticket onto the SwissPass. Hop on board and enjoy the ride.  When you get up to the top you can add a personal touch by taking a selfie at the Photopoint with the Matterhorn background. Once back in Zermatt you will find your personal film ready and waiting on www.gornergrat.ch/mymatterhorn.  

Should the Matterhorn have had to deal with a few clouds during your journey you could download the alternative ‘fine - weather trip’.

How to download your film in detail?

Enter your ticket number (lower number x-xxxx-x-xxxxxx), or your SwissPass ID (number on the back Sxx-xxx-xxx-xxx) plus your email address and you will receive your personalised My Matterhorn Movie as well as your selfie.

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